Making Hip 15 Second Music Video Samples‐Rhythmo‐


Introducing the app to alleviate that problem–“Rhythmo”, currently under development by Modecas.Inc, headed by CEO Yusuke Saito. Beginners to video making who want to up their game can use this app to create and edit cool videos easily.

How does it work? Record and edit five separate 3 second clips, totalling 15 seconds, add your favorite music, and apply filters.  That’s it.

As many TV commercials are 15 to 30 seconds long, 15 seconds tends to be the perfect length where viewers and creators naturally enjoy videos, viewing on their smartphone or mobile device.  With one video clip being 2-3 seconds long, it is about the same time you take to hold your camera when taking a picture.

Also, there is no need for cueing music to video, as the app comes programmed with a feature that matches the beat of any song along with the video you take.  It’s possible to use sampled music from iTunes, which is good for users who do not have an extensive music library.

Of course, the app can be used to take single frame shots for sending to friends or family or for keeping a record of your child’s growth, however Saito proposes Rhythmo to be used for other fun practical applications, such as cooking, traveling, or making short dramas.

In a demonstration of Rhythmo’s capabilities, we were shown a 15 second short drama made by Saito-san and his staff, documenting a couple’s first meeting to their next step; coupled with a catchy pop song, it made us wanting to see the next episode.

According to Saito-san, he pivoted his idea once before arriving at Rhythmo.  He spent 3 months from the end of last year for market research in Silicon Valley to understand the local market first hand, exchanging information with various startups in the area while pitching his product as well.

“Americans love new things and since I received a lot of good feedback about our product, I felt we would have a much broader reception in the US than in Japan.  However, the biggest challenge I saw was obtaining a visa in America, especially as a startup.  First, we would either have to receive a large financial backing from investors in Japan or procure funds through relationships with local businesses.  Once we clear that hill, we would definitely like to take on the US market.”

Rhythmo version 2.0 is currently under development and is set to be released very soon.  Though Modecas.Inc’s continual user research, we see Rhythmo becoming even more user friendly and would like to see a shift from “video watching” to “video making”.


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