Samurai Museum -A must see museum in Tokyo-


Spread out among 5~6 rooms are displays dedicated to the Samurai’s Katana (Swords), Kabuto (Helmets), Armour and Firearms.

When you arrive a knowledgeable and friendly Japanese guide will show you around the rooms, giving a brief explanation in Japanese & English of the objects on view, and answer any questions you have on the Samurai period.
Ideally time your visit for one of the four-a-day Samurai Sword demonstrations.

A member of staff will spend approx. 20 minutes showing the visitors numerous basic Sword strokes, explaining the names of them before inviting a member of the audience to try to copy him.

Finally, don’t forget to don a suit of armour, place a  Kabuto on your head, grab a Katana, and take a few photos posing as your favourite ‘Sengoku Jidai’ Samurai warrior.

For those further interested in Japanese culture the museum also offers regular lessons on Japanese Sword skills and Calligraphy, please check their website for the latest information.

Also directions to find the museum can be found on their website (basically take the East Exit from Shinjuku Station and head towards the Robot restaurant, the Museum can be found just behind the Robot Restaurant).


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