Nailsnaps: An App that transforms any photo image into a custom nail film

Nailsnaps is a Silicon Beach startup founded by Angel Anderson.  She noticed a growing popularity of nail art design photos on social media and yet it was hard to get your nails done with the same design.  Nail salon is expensive and takes time.  Nail polish sold at stores often contains toxic chemical and painting your own nails can be messy.  Nail films sold at store aren’t very original.  That’s when they came up with the idea of transforming a photo image to a custom nail film.  A year later, they raised $49,157 on Kickstarter and startedNailsnaps.  Now, Nailsnaps are used in 27 countries.

Here are some of the great features Nailsnaps offer.

Affordable price

One set is only $19, and it comes with 20 pieces of a high quality, ultra-thin adhesive film (10 regular width and 10 petite width to fit any finger size), a small nail file, and an easy to follow instruction.  Shipping is free anywhere in U.S. You can even order them from Japan through their Japanese online website with only additional cost of $5 for shipping.  Just keep in mind that shipment to Japan may take 10 – 14 days.

An easy to use App

Once you download the free Nailsnaps App, upload a photo and customize it any way you like to fit to the nail template, or simply pick a design from the App. You can even share your own design on the website and get a 10% commission (approximately $1.90 for a set) every time anyone purchases your design.  It’ll be a great way to showcase your artwork.

No more mess of nail painting

To use Nailsnaps, just peel off a piece from the sheet, stick it on your nail, and file off any excess length using the mini nail file that came with your order.  Nailsnaps are made of glossy waterproof film, so you can skip the top coat and still enjoy a beautiful finish.  But with the use of base & top coat, Nailsnaps can last up to 2 weeks.

Great for gifts

Nailsnaps are great personal gifts and fun way to get ready for parties, but they will be great gifts at business events as well.  Instead of giving out logo printed T-shirts, pens or flash drives, Nailsnaps with company logos could make everyone talk about it, especially with female customers.

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